Convert a PDF to a Word Document (DOC, DOCX)

Learn how can you save your PDF files as formatted Microsoft Word documents, does not require any software or app to download. 

PDFs are a universal and easily accessible document, But sometimes we need to create DOC file with the help of existing PDF document as per your boss reqirments.  And you never want to waste your important time in typing work.

Let's turn PDFs into Word documents online, Even when you’re out of the office you can do it and make desirable change in file.

Convert PDF Files into Word using Google Docs:

Google Drive can also convert PDF files to editable DOC files through Google Docs, even it's also extatct text from images. When  you’re converting a PDF file, the layout and images is not preserved well. 
Showing the process of converting PDF file to a Google Doc containing editable text.

Finally, if you needed only text or want to extract text from PDF/Image, you must use it. The process is pretty much simple, Upload the desired file on Google Drive then Right Click on the file →  Open With →  Google Docs. Now download the file and update file using Microsoft Office Word.

Convert PDF to DOC using Web Based Tools: