How to Convert Excel (XLSX, XLS) to PDF complete guide

Learn how to Convert a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet to PDFs and save them. PDF is probably the most used format for document exchange and storage. Mostly in the office every document converted into PDF before exchanging them. Portable Document Format (PDF) preserves document formatting and restrict PDF edits.

To save a Microsoft Excel(.xlsx, .xls) as PDF format, use one of the following methods.

Convert File to PDFs Using  Microsoft Office

Excel 2013 and Word 2016 : 

Choose File > Export > Create PDF/XPS. 

Excel 2010 : 

Choose File > Save As > Select File Type PDF (*.pdf)

Excel 2007 : 

Use Microsoft Excel 2007 Add-in to export and save File as PDF and XPS formats. DOWNLOAD

Microsoft Excel Online : 

Upload file to OneDrive, then open Excel Online, Now Go to File Menu → Print → Print to PDF.

Convert Xls or Xlsx to PDF Using Google Docs:

Upload Microsoft Excel documents to Google Drive, and open file with Google Sheets (Right Click on the file →  Open With →  Google Sheets). In Google Sheets Go to File Menu → Download as → PDF Document (.pdf). Choose options according to your requirement and expot to PDF.

Convert Xls to PDF Using Web Based Tools: