How to Convert Microsoft Word to PDF Complete Guide

Learn how to Convert a Microsoft Word Document and save them as high-quality PDFs. PDFs is the right choise to share Office Documents, It’s easy to share and view, protect your document against unwanted changes. To convert a Microsoft Word document to PDF format, use one of the following methods.

Convert File to PDFs Using  Microsoft Office

Word 2013 and Word 2016 : 

Choose File > Export > Create PDF/XPS. 

Word 2010 : 

Choose File > Save As > Select File Type PDF (*.pdf)

Word 2007 : 

Use Microsoft Office 2007 Add-in to export and save File as PDF and XPS formats. DOWNLOAD

Microsoft Word Online : 

Upload file to OneDrive, then open Word Online, Now Go to File Menu → Print → Print to PDF.

Convert Doc or Docx to PDF Using Google Docs:

Upload Microsoft Word documents to Google Drive, and open file with Google Docs (Right Click on the file →  Open With →  Google Docs.). In Google Docs Go to File Menu → Download as → PDF Document (.pdf).

Convert Doc to PDF Using Web Based Tools: