Unlock PDF and removing Permissions and Password

Learn how to removing permissions and password protection instantly from PDF files.If you received or created a Password-protected PDF file and now want to removing password from a PDF File. 

Mostly this situation generate when we have many password protected files and each PDF file has a different password In this case it’s impossible to remember all password, better option is remove password from all PDF Files and save them to GoogleDrive or create archive and add password. 

Following online application available that can remove password protection from PDF files, you not need to install any additionl software or program. Upload password-protected PDF. If there is no strong encryption on your file, it will be unlocked and ready to download within seconds. Otherwise you can only unlock the file by providing the correct password and save it's to your desktop without any password protection.

Google Chrome can also use to Removing Password from a PDF File. Just drag and drop PDF file into Google Chrome browser, Enter the correct password and last chose the Print option ( press Ctrl+P in Windows or Cmd+P in Mac). Document will be save as without the password protection.